Business as Missions

Simple Definition:

Business as Mission (BAM) is a movement of kingdom minded business people whose emphasis is on transforming communities through business with an intention of spreading the glory of God.

Business as mission is a wide ranging movement that goes as far as to include “Tentmakers” in the workplace who demonstrate the kingdom to co-workers on up to multinational corporations penetrating the unreached with the gospel message. At the heart of the movement are kingdom business professionals launching small to medium size companies within the 10-40 window. Strategically positioning their efforts for the glory of God and the betterment of societies.

Definition of Related Terms:

Tentmaking: working at a job as a ministry or to support your ministry activities.
Business as Platform: using business as a front to operate a ministry in a closed country. (illegal)
Great Commission Company: a company actively pursuing the goals of the great commission.
Triple bottom line: assessment metrics including financial, social/environmental, and spiritual.
10-40 Window: the general area 10 degrees north and 40 degrees south of the equator, often seen as the geographic region in most need of kingdom revelation.

More resources from the Business as Missions Network:

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21) Entreprenuer’s Creed
22) Business as Mission by Steffen+Barnett
23) The Gods of Business
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25) Galtrnoics Story

Other Top Books

The Church in the Workplace
Kingdom Path
God is my CEO
The 9to5 Window
YourWork Matters to God
God @ Work Vol 2
Where There Are No Jobs
Mastering Monday

Top Video Clips

1) China: Kingdom Business
2) Interning in India
3) Call of the Entrepreneur
4) Jospeh- Trapped
5) Hotel in Portland
6) Jospeh- Promoted
7) Kiva in Kabul
8) Hope China
9) Enterprise Pretoria
10) Kafe Kreative
11) Charles Goodyear
12) Changing the Course
13) Impact Through Teaching
14) Life = Risk
15) Cards from Africa
16) Intervarsity
17) TradeasOne
18) Tradeas OneStory
19) KingdomCompanies
20) aCall toBusiness


1) India or Bust
2) MEDA Interns
3) Aquila Network
4) Transformational Business
5) Regent Blogs
6) GlobeServe
7) Clint Davis
8) Morning Star Fiber
9) Chris Horst
10) Kiva Chronicles
11) Management by God
12) Mike Mcloughlin
13) Trade as One
14) Red Letter Believers
15) Jimmy Quach


1) IBAM Training Course
2) Regent
3) Biola
4) Intervarsity
5) North Park
6) ActonMBA
7) Wheaton
8) Whitworth
9) Seattle Pacific
10) Chalmers Center
11) Taylor
12) Redcliffe


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