Cusp Culture seeks to inform the global village by talking about the stuff that matters. Giving readers the knowledge, tools, and resources, to bless the people around them and the people on the other side of the globe. Cusp Culture is written by Bradley Matson.

Bradley Matson is an innovative entrepreneur, creative thinker, global citizen and consultant to the Business as Mission movement. He is often spotted brainstorming at various coffee shops, churches, bars, and other places of higher thought.

Bradley was born on the 13th of June 1984 in East Lansing Michigan, USA. An average boy with an unclear future. He became a person of faith and called to live a life of purpose and love by building a better future for some of the neediest people of the planet.

He developed critical thinking skills and managerial training at Hope College, earning a BA in Business management with dual focuses on accounting and communication. Upon college graduation, fulfilling a global calling and receiving Business as Mission training in Thailand through Youth with a Mission.

Bradley is a serial entrepreneur with a knack for ideation; engaging in real estate investment, non-profit fashion and fundraising.

Bradley is a specialist in using business as a transformative tool, employing and empowering our despondent neighbors of the global village. You too can join in the call to better lives within the developing world. By assisting in a business project, contributing time, energy, and resources, or answering the call to serve the needy within your own area of expertise.


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